Friday, April 15, 2011

Artist Review: Wendell Castle

Wendell Castle is an American furniture artist. I learned about him from a friend of mine who is currently studying Industrial Design at RIT. His works are often organic and whimsical. And his works are crafted from hardwoods, plastics, veneers, and metals. In 1962-1969, he taught at RIT, School for American Craftsment, in Rochester. Here are his 10 "adopted rules of thumb" that i think are applicable in any artistic pursuit:

1. If you are in love with an idea, you are no judge of its beauty or value.
2. It is difficult to see the whole picture when you are inside the frame.
3. After learning the tricks of the trade, don't think you know the trade.
4. We see and apprehend what we already know.
5. The dog that stays on the porch will find no bones.
6. Never state a problem to yourself in the terms it was brought to you.
7. If it's offbeat or surprising then it's probably useful.
8. If you do not expect the unexpected, you will not find it.
9. Don't get too serious.
10. (And my personal favourite...) If you hit the bullseye everytime, then the target is probably too near.

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